Added a new cardview activity. This allows the user to see all lost pets in a list view, to complement the map view. I noticed other apps with a similar location based premise did this so I thought I should implement it, and there are many advantages associated with it.


Obviously still a lot of aesthetic work to do. The back end behind it works, but it’s convoluted and will need a rethink and simplification. Still need to work on pictures – with a mandatory aspect ratio so that it can be standardised across map markers and this cardview without any cropping issues. A mask over a user imported image they can move so it crops correctly?

Also that random card at the top┬áneeds to be removed…


Stored Location Success

After around 5 hours of work I finally managed to retrieve and display the locations of every ‘Pet’ in the database. I achieved this by learning and mashing together bits of PHP as well as fixing a few random errors and junk code left over from previous attempts.

The incoming data was then parsed as a JSON array, and then the relevant information displayed.


Further work includes also bringing names and descriptions through to the on screen map.