PDF format: James O’Donnell CV



Proficient: Python, Java
Prior Experience: Javascript, SQL, React, GraphQL, PHP, JQuery, XML, C, MIPS and Linux.


  • The University of Edinburgh – 2015 – 2019 (Expected)
  • BSc. (Hons.) Computer Science. On track for at least a 2:1.


Software Engineer at Administrate – Summer 2017

  • Blog post: here.
  • Gained invaluable experience in test driven development, Git, PHP, Python, Javascript, SQL, AngularJS, React and other web technologies.
  • Worked in an agile team on two major projects:
    • Integration with Xero to allow for smoother and safer payments for customers
    • Upgrading all legacy data tables to an extensible, smoother and more user friendly system using React and GraphQL.
  • Was a considerable net positive for team productivity over the 13 weeks, contrary to expectations.


Published Android App – ‘LostPets’

  • Sends users notifications of pets lost nearby and displays them using Google Maps integration.
  • Wrote Python web scrapers, PHP and MySQL to populate and manage the databases.


  • Completed the core functionality of a semester long project in two weeks – Android
    This has allowed me to focus on more interesting features like multiplayer and integration tests.
  • Natural language processor coursework project – Python
    Scored 92% . The processor read facts then answered questions on them.
  • Cache simulator coursework project – C
    Scored 95% . The simulator read a memory address trace and gave statistics about cache accesses.
  • Innovation Award, “STEM in the Pipeline” Competition
    Used computer image analysis to calculate the volume of oil in a fictional field with near 100% accuracy and in under 30%
    of the time it would have taken to use the paper method suggested by the organisers.
  • Appointed Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for Kincardineshire as an Air Training Corps Sergeant
    Escorted the Lord-Lieutenant to the Royal Garden Party and various high profile local events.
  • Hackathon – ‘BanterHack’
    Built an app that provided a notification if a predetermined source published an article with relevant keywords. Awarded “ Best Use of API” by Pusher, one of the sponsors.

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