Available on PlayStore here.

Lost Pets is an app I’ve been working on since summer 2016 after finishing my first year at university.

I wanted to create an easy to use system such that anyone who had lost their pet could put up a listing and users nearby would be notified. They would also be able to see missing pets nearby with some kind of map screen.

As of August 2017 I now have what I consider to be a 1.0 release. There are still many features I would love to add but to avoid feature creep and to get some experience with the Play Store I’ve decided I have enough to launch.

The list screen

The list screen uses scraped data to show users a nice view of every pet in our database. They can then tap that listing to go to an external address with more information.


More information and help screen

This gives a brief overview of the app and some tips on each use case.


The map screen

Using google maps api and the clustering utility I was able to create a map view that I feel looks quite nice and is quite easy to use. Markers can be tapped to bring up more information and this extra window can be tapped to visit the external listing with more details.



A long list of settings isn’t necessary here, the user can adjust how frequently they are notified of nearby pets and how close the pet has to be before they are notified at all. There is also a send feedback button with which you can launch an email application to ask questions or raise ant issues.