I’m James O’Donnell.

From September 2019 I’ll be a Software Engineer at Skyscanner in Edinburgh. I’ll be graduating with a first from the University of Edinburgh in July. My dissertation focused on visualising dynamic network measures.

Over the past two summers I’ve had fantastic internships with Administrate, the first focusing on full stack development and the second focusing on DevOps/Site reliability. I’ve written blog posts on my time there here and here.

I love working on my own technical projects in my free time – the largest of which being my app: LostPets.

Some other projects I’ve worked on recently are:

  • Contributeto.tech, which uses your github profile to suggest open source repositories with open issues to contribute to that use languages and libraries you’re familiar with.
  • EmailDetails, a chrome extension that detects email addresses and provides information about accounts associated with it.
  • A quick demo of search auto-completion using a Trie.
  • Adding dynamic network measures to The Vistorian for my dissertation.
  • Community Created – an ongoing project to create a platform where charities can sell art produced during therapy sessions or by vulnerable groups.

Outside of computer science I enjoy reading and weightlifting.

Contact: james88od@gmail.com